Fictional Universe Taxonomy Research
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The Fictional Universe Taxonomy Research project collects statistics about civilizations in science fiction universes.

How many planets do they have? How big is their fleet? Can they do time travel? What is their technological level, their live expectancy, their wealth distribution?

Our mission is to characterize the fictional universes we love by numbers and make them comparable.

These are the universes.
Find your favourite franchise, your world, your setting.

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New Universes

Star Trek
Orion's Arm

...more to come.
Talk about universes and how to measure stuff. Request new measurements and comparisons. Is there any universe still missing?
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This is how we gauge universes, civiliztions and factions.

Some have many planets or ring worlds, others might be measured by their progress to higher spheres of existance.

This is not a competition, though.

The metrics


Universes We Want:

Star Wars, Star Trek, Babylon 5, Dune, Perryversum, The Culture (Banks), Known Space (Niven), Honorverse, The Verse (Firefly), Eve Online, Alliance–Union (C. J. Cherryh), Technic Civilization (Poul Anderson), Zones of Thought (Vernor Vinge), TRAVELLER 2300 AD, TRAVELLER Classic, TRAVELLER TNE, TRAVELLER Mongoose 2nd Ed, PANEC, Galactic Developments

There is so much more.

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Here are lists for your inspiration. Which of these do we really need? All of them?

List of Science Fiction Universes
Science Fiction Franchises